Backup as a Service

VM Backup per VM (VMware and Hyper-V)

Powered by VEEAMTM Backup and Replication v8, Hypervisor Server Backup is for servers that do have a hypervisor layer. Licensing is per Virtual machine.

Endpoint Backup (Non-Virtualization)

Combining Veeam Endpoint Backup and InfraDMS repositories. Encrypted data storage. Includes 50GB storage.

Back Up Disk Safe Storage Allotment - Per 500 Gb

Back Up Disk Safe Storage Allotment - Per 500 Gb. Includes transfer - no extra fee for actually retrieving your data!

Veeam Cloud Connect Repository

IDMS Veeam Cloud Connect Repository
Maintain a secure off-site backup repository. Get up and running in minutes!

Back Up Monitoring Services

Back Up Monitoring Services

Backup for Office 365
  • Mail / OneDrive / SharePoint / Teams Backup Includes